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Please view the Guidelines section if you cannot find what you are looking for.


I have forgotten my password?

You need to do a password reset. Enter your Login Name on this page and then wait for an email with a link that you can follow in order to specify a new password.

I don't know what my Login Name is

You need to contact the system administrator in order to find your account details on the system. Complete this form.

I want to create an account but I can't?

Please make sure to complete all the fields exactly as specified. NOTE that the system does not allow duplicate registrations based on login name and ID number. If you have previously created an account but cannot log in, you need to do a password reset or contact the system administrator.

How do I register for courses?

Go to the Guidelines section in order to view the instructions.

How do I access the courses I registered for?

You need to log in and go to the My Courses section.

I do not have Sufficient Privileges?

Make sure that your registration is approved by viewing the entry in the "Registration" column under My Courses. It may take a while for your registration to be approved. Otherwise, the reason may be that you are not allowed to view the content you are trying to access; or the course may be closed. If you believe this to be incorrect, please contact the system administrator.

I accidentally registered for the wrong course?

Contact the Site administrator in order to have the wrong registration deleted and register for the correct one.

How do I change my account details (e-mail address etc)?

Click on the grey drop-down in the top right corner (by your name). Click on Preferences and then choose Personal Information. You can change your details here.

How do I amend my assignment?

Log in and go to your assignment. Click on 'Edit' in the green menubar. Under 'Assignment document' click the 'Replace with new file' button. Upload your amended assignment in the provided block.