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P76 Open Programme 10, Flexible Mode 2021

24 Unit Standards prescribed by MFMA Municipal Regulations on Minimum Competency Levels (RSA, Government Gazette 29967, 2007 as amended 2018). You may now register per Unit Standard for the Bellville Park-based Programme. Contact sessions, as scheduled in the programme outline, are optional and will take place on 08 to 13; 15 to 20; 23 to 27 and 29 to 31 March 2021 as well as 06 to 09 April 2021 at the Bellville Park Campus of Stellenbosch University. NOTE: IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO ATTEND CONTACT SESSIONS WITHOUT PRIOR REGISTRATION & NOTIFICATION, but you may still register for Option 2 (self-study) after the contact sessions by requesting registration from the Programme Coordinator. PLEASE READ THE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION BEFORE DECIDING WHICH UNIT STANDARDS TO REGISTER FOR. ONCE YOUR REGISTRATION HAS BEEN CONFIRMED, YOU HAVE ACCESS TO ALL LEARNING MATERIALS AND SUCH REGISTRATION CAN THEN ONLY BE CHANGED FROM OPTION 1 TO OPTION 2, BUT NOT CANCELLED.