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P40B Limited Concession

This programme is not a self-contained product, but only serves as concession opportunity - for participants registered and paid for in other SPL MMC programmes - for completion of assessments required for Unit Standards prescribed by MFMA Municipal Regulations on Minimum Competency Levels (RSA, Government Gazette 29967, 2007). The 24 Unit Standard courses are listed below. Kindly note that all assignments submitted under P40B must adhere to the P40 assessment plan as P40B assignments represent a fourth opportunity, which is beyond the initial plan all learners agreed to. Please also note that P40B can only be utilised for unit standards where a mark of 50 percent has been achieved for the test (Assessment 1) written as contact time assessment or under P40. P40B assignment submission opportunities will close permanently on 15 February 2015. No further concessions will be available for learners originally registered under Projects 1 to 32, 34 and 35. NOTE: IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO REGISTER FOR P40B. KINDLY SEND AN E-MAIL REQUEST TO LIESEL ODENDAAL ( TO BE REGISTERED. PLEASE CLARIFY THE UNIT STANDARDS YOU WISH TO REGISTER FOR AND INDICATE UNDER WHICH PROJECT YOU HAVE INITIALLY BEEN REGISTERED FOR THESE UNIT STANDARDS. YOU WILL ONLY BE REGISTERED BY HER IF A TEST MARK OF AT LEAST 50 PERCENT IS UPLOADED AT YOUR INITIAL PROJECT. After successful registration at your requested P40B Unit Standards, it is your responsibility to upload your assignments before or on the submission date. No assignments will be received by e-mail.